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Web Hosting for Free: Fact or Fiction?

Web Hosting for Free: Fact or Fiction?

June 27th, 2013
In this day and age, websites have almost become a necessity. Everyone from mega-corporations to struggling musicians has a website in some capacity. It is one of the best ways to market your products or yourself without having to set up huge amounts of legal and physical framework to do so. That’s largely because your audience is almost literally anyone who has internet access. But sometimes, getting...  Read the rest of this entry »

Discovering Free Building Website Solutions

January 16th, 2013
When you are new to web hosting, your main concern is to find free building website solutions. You would probably want to create a blog, as it is the easiest route to establishing your web presence. There are plenty of free building website tools you can avail from the various hosting plans offered by numerous web hosts in the website hosting industry. Blogs are easy to maintain and are the simplest...  Read the rest of this entry »

A Shift to Virtual Web Site Hosting From Free Business Web Hosting Plans

December 26th, 2012
If you think that your website is getting too large for a free business web hosting with a shared hosting plan, it is time to transfer your site to virtual web hosting. Often seen as a cheaper alternative to getting your own dedicated server, virtual web site hosting can provide almost the same advantages you get from a dedicated server at the least cost. Several small to medium-size websites put different...  Read the rest of this entry »

From Free Business Web Hosting to Dedicated Server Hosting

September 12th, 2012
Your online business hosted on a free business web hosting server may be gaining a lot of customer web traffic by now. Soon, you will need to operate a large scale business that will require more storage space for your resources. Your free business web hosting account may not meet your large scale hosting demands at this point in time. A switch from a free business web hosting provider to a dedicated...  Read the rest of this entry »

Free Building Website Hosting Plan for Interactive Marketing

May 23rd, 2012
Market research, when selecting any free building website hosting provider, should focus on two major criteria – referrals and technology. In addition to these essential focal points, there are other vital requirements that need to be addressed in order to make a good and sound decision in choosing the best free building website hosting provider. Selecting a free building website hosting provider...  Read the rest of this entry »

The Ideal Elements of Free Website With Hosting

May 8th, 2012
The world constantly revolves around the Internet. Products are being sold at the click of a button. How are all these transactions made possible? By websites that are hosted by businesses all around the world. The beautiful part of this is that the service is available to everybody and for free as well. But how do you know which of these web hosting can be used? Here is a list that will show you the...  Read the rest of this entry »

The Give and Take of Free no Ad Web Hosting

April 30th, 2012
If you enjoy surfing the Internet, chances are you have come along sites with all sorts of ads draped all across websites. Advertisements range from strange medicines that cure all ailments to deodorant sticks that last for hours. Perhaps you yourself have them on your own website. You are probably wondering why the ads appearing are sometimes connected to the content of your website. So what is free...  Read the rest of this entry »

Create a Webpage for Free with the Right Hosting

March 1st, 2012
If you want to create a webpage for free the first thing you need to do is find the right hosting. Which provider you choose to host your website will make all the difference in what type of site you can have. Everything from your content to the additional features on your site depend on having the right host. Even your name and how many customers can utilize your site during a time span will be based...  Read the rest of this entry »

What to Look for In Free Web Hosting Templates

February 13th, 2012
The fact is that sometimes website design is just too complicated for you. If you have never tackled a project like this and are limited in time, then trying to create the professional page you want can be harder than you may have thought. This is why many people select free web hosting templates to use. When you use a template you are taking a design that someone else created and making it your own....  Read the rest of this entry »

Checking Out Free Website Providers

January 17th, 2012
Everyone wants or needs a website. Business and personal sites continue to pop up on the internet every day. The problem is that having a website costs money and often that is not an option for you. That is why you might be looking at free website providers. When you opt for free there are things you want to know before you select one. These things can make a difference, especially if your site is...  Read the rest of this entry »
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