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Q: How do we choose our top 10 web hosting

A: The top 10 web hosting companies need to have more then 10 years of web hosting service experience and have a massive amount of clients. We believe if you are not happy with the choice you made you should get your money back. All top 10 web hosting companies have 30 days money back guarantee. Customer support is essential specially when starting a website. So 24/7 customer support is a must.

In our rank we point out the following criteria : performance, customer support, software, reliability, pricing and over all quality.

Our team of professional webmasters have more than 5 years of testing web hosting companies. Our list is very dynamic, we constantly look for the new and upcoming web hosting companies. Our webmasters check all the time if the awarded companies are not failing and still stands in the top 10 web hosting criteria.

Q: Can anyone build a website?

A: You can learn all of the new web technologies and be a tech savvy, But do you really need that? The truth is that you need very little technical knowledge in order to build your website. The kind of knowledge the average person have or can easily get.

Of course you can start learning HTML and web design but there is no point in doing that. Why do you need to when there are so many tools out there that are taking care of that part for you.
All you need is access to a personal computer, internet connection and basic computer skills.

I want more information about how to start my website

A: 1. Our online web hosting guide will lead you step by step to everything you need to know.
2. We also have a great glossary where you can understand all web hosting terminology you may encounter. We also have a great section for advanced frequently asked questions.

Free Web Hosting Services – Is it Good For Me?

A: Free web hosting offer you a web hosting plan that will not cost you any direct money. If you want to create a strictly personal site it might be good for you.
You should consider the following:

1. Your visitors may deal with advertising that you don’t support or like. Free web hosting companies may make your website show their pop ups banners and other ads that won’t be in your control.

2. Customer support is very limited and sometimes there is no support at all.

3. Your domain name is not at your choice. Many free web hosting company will give you a sub-domain from their main website. When you would want to change your web host company you would have a problem because you can’t take your name with you. That means you will have to start all over again promoting your website.

4. Server quality is not at the best. There is no guarantee that your site will be up all the time and you will have less features to help you build your site. Most of the time free web hosting sites won’t be as secure as you may wish and that can be a great problem even if you only have a family website. We recommend you to check these cheap web hosting companies to avoid those issues.

Q: What kind of web hosting are there and what is the difference between them?

A: There are many kinds of web hosting plans you can get. Most of the users will find the shared web hosting as the most suitable for them. In the following section we gathered most of the web hosting types you can find out there.

Top 10 Website Builders: