10 Best Website Builders 2016

Website builders can offer you an easy way to build, design and organize your website without having to use complicated computer code. Many hosting providers include free website builders in their hosting plan but some builders are very limited and you can be very frustrated trying to build your site using one of them. We have ranked the top site builder and hosting companies, All you need to do is browse the list and find out which site builder would be the best choice for building your website.
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Best Business Web Hosting
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Drag & Drop Pro Builder
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Reliable Web Hosting
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Drag & Drop Site Builder
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Trusted Web Hosting
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Best Unlimited Web Hosting
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Free Domain With Hosting
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Reliable Web Hosting
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Cheap Shared Web Hosting
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Cheap Professional Hosting
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What are web hosting companies free website builders?

Website builders are extremely useful for people who want to build a site yet have little or no knowledge of code (ie, XHTML and PHP). These days most web hosting companies will include free website builders in your web hosting package. This is highly advantageous as site builders will provide you with the tools to assist you with the design and construction of your page and encourage you to build your own site without confusing you with complicated code. Instead of purchasing website builders, it is recommended that you find a web hosting package that throws a site builder in for free. This way, you receive not only hosting services, but great tools that will help you build a great website.

What should you look for when considering site builder tools?

There are a number of elements to look for when considering a website builder. It is recommended that the site builder comes with an automatic installer so you do not have to install the software yourself. You should also research a little about site builders themselves and the services they provide. Consider what types of URLs the site builder creates, the number of pages you are allowed to make, the amount of versions of the site builder that you are entitled to in the package and the number and type of templates that are included with the site builder. It is also useful to check how much disk space and bandwidth you are allowed for building the website, especially if the site builder is part of a web hosting package. Also check the special features that come with the site builder, such as galleries, paypal facilities, password protected areas and RSS capability.

What are the site builder options?

There are many types of site builders available and because there are a number of choices, you need to find the right site builder for your individual website. In doing so, you need to weigh up various options when it comes to the final decision. Some web hosting packages provide very basic site builders which may be ideal for a simple, no fuss website. Other packages offer more complex site builders for larger scale websites. It is useful to see what kind of site builder your web host is offering and if it will match the requirements of your particular site. Consider the type of website you wish to build but also pay attention to your own level of internet experience so you do not find yourself in over your head.

online service and Customer support

No matter what type of site builder you choose, it is always handy to know that you can have access to online or telephone customer support. Whether you are an internet rookie or consider yourself to be a website building expert, we are all human, and we all run into glitches and issues from time to time. This is why it is highly recommended to choose a hosting package that contains reliable customer support. This way if you do encounter problems while building your site, you will have a trained customer service representative on hand to guide you through the process.

How We Choose Our Best Web Hosting?

We select leading web host providers and rate their hosting packages based on price, features, performance and overall customer service. We operate test accounts with the web host providers to make sure your experience is as smooth and professional as possible. We survey our customers to make sure they are satisfied, and we update our recommendations and our Top 10 Web Hosting Review rating table based on this feedback. Please read our free hosting reviews and use our advanced search page that help you choose the best web hosting service that suits your website hosting needs, you can read our FAQ page that based on our experience and find out answers to all of your questions.