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Updated Fri, May 10,2019

Top Dedicated Server Hosting

Large websites and businesses that demand extra security and resources often choose Dedicated Server Web Hosting. Dedicated hosting packages provide you with your very own server, which means you have complete control and maximum reliability.
Below we have compiled a list of the top dedicated server hosting providers. These companies provide the highest standard of dedicated hosting and are ranked according to user and editorial reviews.
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Reliable Web Hosting
$219.95Pentium Dual Core 2.4GHz 2x160GB SATA 2GB RAM81% > Read Review
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Best Customer Support
$62.993 dedicated Ips, FREE! SSL Certificate, Free rapid setup, 24/7 network monitoring73% > Read Review
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Best Reseller Hosting
$74.95Intel 3.0GHz Core2 Duo 160GB SATA 1GBFull root access via SSH, FREE Site Transfer, genuine Dell and HP servers71% > Read Review
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Wing Power Hosting
$174.00Intel Xeon 3040 (Dual Core) 250GB Hard Drive 1GB DDR2 MemoryComplete control with Root Access, cPanel with WHM Control Panel, Managed Linux Hosting Also available69% > Read Review
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Unlimited Web Hosting
$69.992.2GHz Intel Celeron 32-bit 60GB 512MB RAMPerfect for high traffic websites. Cpanel Control Panel, 99.5% uptime guarantee or your money back.67% > Read Review
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Best Dedicated Hosting
$37.95AMD 2000+ 80GB HDD 512MB DDR RAMServerPronto is around since 1999, 100% Uptime Guarantee, Redundant Connectivity, 67%Visit Site
Linux Web Hosting
$39.00Pentium 4 2.4 80GB IDE or SATA 2GB DDR PC3200 ECCBusiness Dedicated Starter suited for SMB, CPU PassMark Chart63% > Read Review
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What is Dedicated Server Web Hosting?

In your search for web hosting companies, you will find that the most common type of hosting offered is shared web hosting. This type of hosting implies that you share your server with various other websites. Because the server you use is hosting other websites simultaneously you may often encounter technical limitations, such as bandwidth, speed, security, and most importantly, total control. This is why dedicated server web hosting can be beneficial.

Dedicated hosting solutions offer you total control over the hardware and software used to operate your website. You lease the hardware from your web hosting provider which from then on will be dedicated solely to your business. Because the server is your own, you have all the bandwidth, disk space and other resources to yourself, without having to share with other customers. Furthermore with dedicated server web hosting you receive total administrative control over your site. You have the freedom to install the software programs of your choice and you can plan for upgrades and traffic spikes whenever you need to. This aspect demonstrates the flexibility and scalability of dedicated hosting solutions.

Who should be using dedicated server web hosting?

This type of web hosting is not for everyone. Most small to medium sized businesses will find that shared web hosting provides them with enough space, bandwidth and resources to adequately operate their websites. However larger businesses with rapid growth and traffic will need more autonomy over their website management and hosting needs.

There are three main indicators that will help you determine whether you need dedicated hosting:


A large amount of traffic streaming through your shared server can significantly slow down the pace of your customer as they browse through your website. If you are unable to find a shared web hosting provider that can keep up with your need to respond promptly to customer transactions and inquiries, it may be time to switch to dedicated hosting solutions where you will receive maximum speed all the time.


With unlimited access to your own operating system, you can ensure that you have total control over the uptime and security of your website. Larger websites need to deal with problems immediately as they arise and control over your server will enable you to do this effectively and immediately.


As your company grows, so too will your website. Many aspects of your online presence will need to be altered and there is no better way to alter them than with dedicated hosting solutions which allow you to upgrade your disk space and bandwidth whenever you need to. As most shared web hosting packages come with a preset limit of bandwidth and space, you may encounter problems when you need to change. To avoid skipping from one hosting plan to another, it is more advisable to choose dedicated server web hosting so you can make changes incrementally, without hassle.

The downside of dedicated server web hosting

Leasing a dedicated server is considerably more expensive than renting space on a shared server. Many businesses believe they need total control without realising that their website can still run smoothly through shared web hosting. As a result, they waste precious money on a dedicated server that they do not need. Carefully consider whether your businesses can afford to upgrade to a dedicated server if your needs are being sufficiently fulfilled by sharing a server. Given that dedicated server hosting is pricey, it is useful to search for the cheapest dedicated server hosting you can find. Our list of the top dedicated server hosting companies will guide you in finding the best value dedicated hosting solutions. If you cannot find a plan that suits you, you may want to look into Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) which provides small to medium businesses with the reliability of dedicated server hosting but for a lower cost.

Responsibility is another factor that needs to be considered. With dedicated servers, it is up to you to buy, install and maintain the actual equipment. While dedicated hosting packages provide redundant and backup power, it is you who is responsible for maintaining the machines and cables. The time and effort required for such responsibility is huge, so again, you need to make sure that your business is large and stable enough to manage such a task.

In summary it is the size and growth of your business that will determine whether or not you need dedicated server web hosting. If your business is booming, it is worth investing in total control of your hosting to ensure maximum flexibility and reliability. As a result your customers will receive nothing but the highest quality service.