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Updated Fri, Jul 06,2018

Top Multiple Domain Web Hosting Providers

If you are handling multiple websites why go through the hassle of signing up for an additional web hosting plan for each site? Multiple domain web hosting allows you to host different domains under the same account. It is a convenient and cost effective alternative and in the long run it will make your life much easier! Below we have compiled a list of the top multiple domain web hosting providers. Read our reviews, compare prices and discover which multiple domain web hosting package suits you.

Multiple domain name hosting – the good and the bad

What is multiple domain name hosting?

Multiple domain name hosting refers to the hosting of various websites under one single hosting account. If you are operating different websites, chances are you will want a different domain name for each one. This is where multi domain web hosting can be useful.

The advantages of multiple domain hosts

The biggest advantage of having multi domain web hosting is that it is extremely cost effective. Finding a great web hosting package is based on the idea of getting more than what you pay for. In the case of multiple domain hosts, this saying definitely rings true. Most web hosting providers are offering great value deals where for one fixed monthly price you receive hosting for more than one domain. This is far better than forking out cash to different hosts for each website.

Another advantage of multi domain web hosting is the convenience of having all of your websites hosted under the same account. It can often prove confusing and time consuming to have more than one hosting account

All in all it is beneficial to have multiple domain web hosting because it provides you with the chance to expand your online presence in various ways. Depending on the number of domains you are permitted to have you can set up online magazines, directories and an e-commerce store.

Another great aspect of multi domain web hosting is extensive domain management. In most cases the domain names themselves are inexpensive and accessible. You can usually purchase a domain name from a cheap registrar and point it to its name servers. Once your multiple domains become active all you need to do is log into your hosting account and manage them the way you like. Web hosting sub domains also includes the features needed to set up email and FTP accounts and databases for each sub domain.

Choosing the right multiple domain name hosting

There is an abundance of multiple domain hosts on offer. It is fundamental to choose the package that gives you the biggest range of options for multiple domains at a reasonable price. You also need to ensure that the provider is reliable so your sites will continue to operate with speed and efficiency. If you want to expand your online presence and succeed easily, multi domain web hosting is the only way to go!