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Q: What does Shared Web Hosting Plan Mean?

A: This is nothing more than a variation of a web hosting service that provides server access to several different websites at once. When a shared plan is considered, web server resources will be divided between multiple plan users. Each user is allowed a specific amount of space that can be used to maintain and build sites.

Of all the hosting plans, shared web hosting is the least costly. This is simply because it is more cost effective for the hosting provider. Since servers are not dedicated to a specific client, a single machine can provide service to many clients at once.

Many small businesses and individuals use shared hosting plans because they are affordable. Plus, they do provide the power and tools webmasters need to power up sites that are mid-sized or less.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Windows Hosting and UNIX Hosting?

A: Your personal needs will dictate which operating system is best for you. For example, if you need support for Microsoft products like VBScript, MS Access and ASP, Windows hosting would make the most sense for you. If you aren’t familiar with IIS and don’t have the time to learn UNIX, Windows would also make more sense. Just because you use Windows all the time, however, doesn’t mean it’s your best option. Even if you only have a Windows system at home, you can still communicate with a server that is UNIX powered. Linux is a more common host because it is stable and cheap.

Q: What Does Multiple Domain Web Hosting Mean?

A: This is a web hosting package that enables a website owner to host more than one domain on a single hosting account. These accounts are designed typically to allow users to associate an unlimited number of domains within a single hosting package for easier management.

Users that require more than a single website for their online businesses, for example, benefit from multiple domain web hosting. This enables site owners to manage several sites within a single control panel. Essentially, multiple domain hosting simplifies site management.

Keep in mind that multiple domain web hosting isn’t a specific kind of hosting. Rather, this is a feature offered by many web hosting plans. Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting types may all have plans that offer multiple domain hosting.

Q: What Distinguishes Dedicated Hosting Plans from Others?

A: Dedicated hosting plans are designed to enable clients to lease their own, private servers. This is considered the superior option over shared hosting because it delivers no limitations and has added features that are not typically associated with shared hosting services.

Dedicated servers give clients the ability to do what they want without running the risk of depleting server resources in most cases. This is simply the most powerful option available for hosting a website outside of purchasing an in-house server.

Dedicated server plans do cost more than other options. They can, however, enable site owners to enjoy all the power they need to even run hundreds of sites without fear of losing functionality.

Q: What is a Managed Hosting Plan?

A: This is a style of dedicated web hosting in which the provider delivers on-site maintenance and a variety of other services to each customer.

Dedicated server management can be a very difficult undertaking for those who choose not to go with managed hosting. Unmanaged accounts are often hard to work with, especially for new webmasters who are unfamiliar with dedicated server management. When a plan is fully managed, site owners can focus on their business while the web hosting provider handles the technical aspects.

Q: What is Involved with VPS Web Hosting?

A: Virtual Private Server, or VPS for short, is a type of hosting plan that takes a large web server and partitions its resources between hundreds of websites at the same time. This action results in enhanced performance for each site. This differs from shared hosting because VPS typically offers a wider range of server resources along with the ability for a client to request adjustments to the server configuration and even software.

VPS is frequently used by highly trafficked websites and business sites because it provides a perfect solution for solid hosting even if a budget is tight. Technically, VPS doesn’t differ much in regard to effectiveness from standard shared hosting, but it is considered an affordable upgrade for many.

Q: What is Meant by Reseller Web Hosting?

A: Reseller web hosting provides individuals with the resources they need to create their own web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting makes resources available at wholesale prices. This includes the tools individuals need to create custom packages that can be offered to clients in need of web hosting services.

Reselling hosts provide all the necessary features for their partners to create web hosting plans that will create a steady monthly income stream. Most reseller plans provide partners with the tools they need to create their own professional hosting sites that can be utilized to advertise hosting services to prospective clients. Those who wish to design their own hosting plans may want to consider this more cost-effective option for doing so.

Q: What does eCommerce Hosting Entail?

A: eCommerce web hosting is designed especially for those who wish to sell products or services over the Internet. These plans are designed to provide business owners with the resources and tools they need to create their own moneymaking online stores.

eCommerce hosting plans typically offer a number of features, including shopping carts, payment processing and catalog builders. Most online stores take advantage of eCommerce web hosting to make sure their billing and invoicing is properly handled.

When eCommerce hosting is used, store owners enjoy a simple way to build effective online stores even if they have little or no training in how to do so. An eCommerce plan should provide clients with the tools they need to create their own storefronts designed to compete with larger, corporate operations. Any business that wants to increase its online presence and sales should consider eCommerce hosting.

Q: What’s Colocation Hosting?

A: This unique form of hosting does not involve the lease of web servers. Instead, it provides clients access to a web server rack within a facility that is guarded around the clock.

Colocation facilities are designed to provide clients with the ideal atmosphere for the storage of their personally owned web servers. Some facilities even offer on-site maintenance and support, as well. It is best to find a collocation facility locally to avoid shipping costs.

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