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Updated Mon, May 13,2019

10 best website builders – DIY with templates

It’s an exciting moment when you decide you want to design your own website. The people that design websites make it look so easy until you think you can build your own website in minutes. Just pull out a few clip art photos, write up some text and that’s it. Right? A moment later, you remind yourself that this is a brand new experience. Perhaps there’s a little more to it than that, and when you start investigating all the moves you need to make—getting a domain, for instance—and work up to trying to design the pages, it may get a little muddled long before it takes shape. Now is the time you decide to get a little help. We’re glad you found us, because we’re going to show you the 10 Best Website Builders AND invite you to review these free website builders we know you’ll like.
You really can build your own website in minutes They’re called “templates” and, with the decision to put yourself in the hands of a reputable web hosting company, included in your hosting package will be virtually dozens of templates from which to choose—you’ll find one that delightfully represents the spirit you wish to convey on your website. Not just that, but here you are, a busy person who can not take the time to make all the legal arrangements and then make a stab at understanding some unfamiliar techniques to give your site the polish it deserves. No, you don’t have the time, but the web host company will provide solutions you can use that will make it 100% easier and cut down on time spent at least by 50%, if not more.

Using the template

It’s really a piece of software that does wonderful things for you:
    • set up special spaces where you can emphasize certain features on your site
    • change your font to create an interest in what otherwise might be a lonely corner
    • provide the right composition for the pages and show you the best place to insert photos
There is no end to how helpful they can be and they certainly turn out a good-looking page each and every time.
The best part is that after you’ve used it for a few pages, and you begin to learn how to plan with the template—you’ll find yourself putting your site in a very professional setting that makes sense to you and will make sense to your audience.


What counts the most is that you will have found a way to accomplish your goals—a beautiful site that draws the traffic you require to succeed—without spending frustrating hours figuring out how to put a site together by yourself and then discovering your time was wasted. It didn’t happen because you had a brain wave that told you you could accomplish a better result with professional support. In addition to using the template, your web host company can also supply widgets that help you to sell a product, or gather data on visitors to your site and, in general, easily respond to any changes you want to make midstream.

Your Choice

Your decision will produce the site that you had envisioned and, at this point, we want to introduce you to our choices for 10 Best Website Builders. You can choose any one of these companies and feel confident that you’re in good hands. Website hosting packages we offer all have 30-day money-back guarantee. You don’t really need a budget because the monthly price is less than a snake bar and cook you are having. Have fun and enjoy building a website you’ll remember as your first experience. We hope it’s just the beginning of an activity you’ll recognize as an adventure.
RankProviderorg priceBonus FeaturesSite Builders rating - free builders
Best Website Builder
$8.95FREE Domain Name ,
SEO Tools Included FREE ,
Easy eCommerce Integration
Over 10,000 Template Combinations
SiteBuilder.com Expert Builder99%
Drag & Drop Site Builder
$5.50FREE Domain Name ,
Choice of Shopping Cart ,
Free Online Store
Over 10,000 Template Combinations
Free Drag & Drop Site Builder95%
Best Business Web Hosting
$8.49Anytime Money Back Guarantee,
Host Unlimited Domains,
$50 Google Adwords credit
$25 Yahoo! Sponsored search credit
Weebly Drag & Drop95%
Reliable Web Hosting
$6.95Anytime Money Back Guarantee,
$75 Free Google Credit,
Free Blog Support
Wide Selection of Site Builders96%
Trusted Web Hosting
$9.95Automatic site submission to Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and Ask, $75 Microsoft Advertising adCenter credit, $50 Google AdWords creditAabaco (Yahoo!) Site Builder91%
Best Unlimited Web Hosting
$8.25$50 Google AdWords Credit, $25 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits, $50 Facebook Ad Credits, Free Yellowpages.com ListingWeebly Drag & Drop91%
Free Domain With Hosting
$6.99Free backup Wizard, 90 days Money Back.Hub Premium Website Builder87%
Professional Web Hosting
$6.95$50 Google AdWords Credit, $25 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits, $50 Facebook Ad Credits, $95 on other platformsWide Selection of Site Builders84%
Reliable Web Hosting
$6.95Green Web Hosting, Max Speed Zone Enabled, 30 days Money Back.Parallels Premium SiteBuilder81%
Cheap Shared Web Hosting
$7.95$50 Google AdWords Credit, Search Engine SubmissionWeebly Drag & Drop78%

Online service and Customer support

No matter what type of site builder you choose, it is always handy to know that you can have access to online or telephone customer support. Whether you are an internet rookie or consider yourself to be a website building expert, we are all human, and we all run into glitches and issues from time to time. This is why it is highly recommended to choose a hosting package that contains reliable customer support. This way if you do encounter problems while building your site, you will have a trained customer service representative on hand to guide you through the process.

Webmaster’s Monthly Choice

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