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Updated Mon, May 13,2019

10 Best Website Builders With Free Templates

What are Website Templates?

If you are looking to build your website within minutes, website templates are for you. Novice designers of websites and website webmasters are very familiar with templates. Using a website builder with a ready made template is the right way for anyone who is looking to build a site easily and quickly without being a professional or even know basic HTML. In most cases, when you start building your site with templates, you get to choose your basic templates to work with. A website template is the physical design and layout of the website. Having a website template allows for an efficient way to easily create a good layout and design.

Advantages of Using Website Templates

Customized websites designs, though obviously more flexible and adjustable to one’s website needs, can be very tedious to create if you do not have the skills, time-consuming for those who need to make a website live on a short notice, and expensive for startup companies without a budget. Most customized sites can be created by professionals, which one can hire. However most website owners already have a design in mind, and the most common problems between hired designers and website owners is that they cannot agree on one design. In the end, they use up too much time instead of going straight to designing and production.

An advantage of using website templates is that you have control on how you want to design your website from start to finish. Though some may argue that using templates will not allow you the same level of control over your website, the truth is that you only have no control over specific content.
Consider how information-based websites benefit from website templates. All you need is to type up the text, choose a layout and background color, and proceed with the simple programming while aided by step-by-step wizard that most hosting plans have for their template designs.

As for logistics and time, using a website template gives you a faster turnaround. You no longer have to wait for a hired professional to submit his work to your and you do not have to deal with coming up with a particular layout.
The last thing to remember is that templates are technically made-from-scratch by a professional designer. Most of the designs look sleek, elegant, and professional, but you don’t have to hire them and wait for them to create it.

Some Disadvantages to Take Note of

An obvious disadvantage that one would encounter when using website template is that you may stumble upon the same layout in another business, perhaps even of the same field. This happens particularly with free website templates.
The solution here is to make your website rich with nice photos. Appropriate images can make your website stand out. Another solution is to not rely on the website design at all, but on the content of your website. One should not forget that though website design makes the page aesthetically appealing; visitors are there to gain something from your content, not to admire the scene.
Another disadvantage is limited flexibility. In many cases you would have hundreds of templates to choose from, yet you may not find exactly what you had in mind. In that case you would have to adjust your needs or find some professional help.

From Website Templates to Up and Running Websites

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend tons of money on building and designing your website, you can find web hosting providers that may already provide templates for your website.
Some web hosting providers, such as iPage, provide more than 100 customizable website templates which can apply from business to personal usage. The advantage here is that you will only have to purchase and sign up with a web-hosting provider.
Before venturing any further for website templates, check first if your website hosting provider is offering any website template with the hosting plan. This has become a common trend in web hosting, and it can provide a good deal for your new website.

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online service and Customer support

No matter what type of site builder you choose, it is always handy to know that you can have access to online or telephone customer support. Whether you are an internet rookie or consider yourself to be a website building expert, we are all human, and we all run into glitches and issues from time to time. This is why it is highly recommended to choose a hosting package that contains reliable customer support. This way if you do encounter problems while building your site, you will have a trained customer service representative on hand to guide you through the process.

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