A Rundown of Basic Servers

A Rundown of Basic Servers

When it comes to web hosting, there really is a lot of information out there that can sometimes be overwhelming. It can also be somewhat strange to imagine exactly how websites run. Of course, many people are likely familiar with several different web hosting providers. These generally provide you with your website in some form or fashion. But, how exactly do they do it? For anyone to view your web page, servers must be in place to host the page. Servers are generally provided by the web host and can come in a variety of different forms. For the most part, the packages you’re going to see offered on a web host’s site are going to include shared, dedicated, and VPS (Virtual Private) servers. Each web page must correspond to a certain amount of space within those server options. It’s important to understand the differences between the servers and what they can offer to you.

Shared Servers are Cheap…but Shared

Perhaps the best thing about shared servers is that they generally come at a reduced price. Some options can go as low as $1.99 per month although it’s more common to see prices between $4 and $6. What you have to be aware of with these servers is that they are likely not going to provide you with the best overall service. If you don’t rely on your website for your livelihood or if periods of downtime aren’t that much of an issue for you, then shared servers are perfect. As the name implies, your website and several other websites will share space on the same server. Beware of hosts that oversell their servers and stack too many websites on one server. If you end up on an oversold server, you’re bound to have some remarkably slow load times.

Dedicated Servers are Dedicated only to You

These web page servers are used primarily by larger corporations who require guaranteed uptime. Of course, small businesses generally work their way up to a dedicated server from a shared server when they can start affording it. Overall, dedicated servers are more secure and they provide increased runtime, bandwidth, and disk space because the entire server is focused on one single website. Websites that run on dedicated servers generally have a large amount of traffic and can’t afford any extended downtime. Corporations like Microsoft generally go for dedicated servers if only because they can afford them and they are necessary. Of course, dedicated servers aren’t exactly too expensive and they can be beneficial for a wide variety of websites.

Virtual Private Servers: Dedicated in the Cloud

As the name suggests, virtual private servers (VPS) are unique in that they don’t have a physical representation of themselves in the real world. They exist in a sort of cloud as complete virtual entities. In some cases, this provides even more enhanced security and better computing options than any physical web page servers might. But, certain web hosts will advertise the superiority of VPS servers without actually delivering it on their end. That’s why it’s always important to look over reviews to ensure that any prospective web hosts provide the best in VPS server quality that money can buy.

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