A Shift to Virtual Web Site Hosting From Free Business Web Hosting Plans

A Shift to Virtual Web Site Hosting From Free Business Web Hosting Plans

If you think that your website is getting too large for a free business web hosting with a shared hosting plan, it is time to transfer your site to virtual web hosting. Often seen as a cheaper alternative to getting your own dedicated server, virtual web site hosting can provide almost the same advantages you get from a dedicated server at the least cost. Several small to medium-size websites put different web pages on the same server needing the full resources of a machine.

Comparative Analysis between Shared and Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual web server hosting is very similar to shared web site hosting on free business web hosting. There are, however, significant differences between shared web site hosting and virtual web server hosting. A web hosting provider may put multiple accounts on the same server for both types of hosting. The difference is in the allocation of the resources of the machine being used. All the server resources are stored into a common pot for a shared hosting server on a free business web hosting plan. For instance, if one account on a shared hosting server uses more than its allotment of CPU time, for instance, other accounts sharing the server are affected.

On a virtual hosting account, all the server‘s resources are portioned out to the different accounts with a predetermined amount allotted to each account. Rather than every web site sharing a common pool and taking what they need, each site gets a fair share of server space, CPU and traffic. The sites are not allowed to take more than what is allocated to them.

Additionally, every web site is assigned an individual portion of the disk that is isolated from other websites on the same disk and given its own operating system. In some accounts, each may even have its own hard drive on the server. If something goes wrong on one website on the host server, it does not affect the other web sites.

Customization of Website Pages

On a virtual hosting server, you are allowed to make changes with your own operating system that you cannot do on a shared server. You can customize the manner by which your website behaves pretty much like you’re working on a single dedicated machine. You need not worry about disturbing other web sites on the same machine.

A virtual server may cost you a small amount if you decide to move your website from the free business web hosting plan. But it’s all worth the money as you get more benefits in web hosting and it is still cheaper than having your own dedicated server which could run to several hundred bucks depending on your requirements.

In conclusion, virtual web site hosting is a good web hosting choice if you are planning to put up a small or medium sized web site. You get to have more flexibility and more room for adjustments as the need arises when hosting your website on virtual web server hosting plans. To top it all, you need not spend much to overstretch your budget. You can read website hosting reviews to compare and find the best virtual server hosting providers in the web hosting industry.

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