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How to Choose Web Hosting

The web hosting service that you choose must meet the hosting requirements of your site. When you choose the right host for your site it will just ensure that the files are safe and your website experiences minimum downtime. Good hosting service will also provide you with more solid-state drives, speed, scalability, good customer support facilities etc. On the other hand, poor hosting service can affect your site very badly and you will often end up with spending precious budget on infrastructure unnecessarily. So it is always wise to research and compare different web hosts before you select one for your site. Today I am going to discuss about few major factors to consider when choosing your web host.

Performance / Uptime

Excessive downtime can severely affect the performance of your site. So if your host do not have generators and enough backup servers to deal with downtime, power outages and overcapacity then your site could be in big trouble! You should generally look for web hosts that offer 99% uptime or better.


When your business grows, you need more disk space, bandwidth or number of email accounts and mySQL databases. That’s why you need to choose a web host with adequate hardware facilities that can handle many thousands or even millions of visitors. Your host should be able to give you the option to upgrade as needed to accommodate any space and bandwidth related changes.


Your web host must be secure since cyber crime is on the rise. you meet your, whilst putting in place a solution that is workable in practice. You should choose a web host that meets your security obligations and has up to date SSL certificate, data encryption technology, reliable malware and phishing attack prevention solutions.


Your web hosting company should provide you with reliable backup solutions. They should give you an easy way to save and download your own copies of backup files while they should also back up files regularly. Some good web host will even give you one click website restore facility when needed. Backup is an essential part of website management and you simply can’t ignore it.

Customer Support

A good hosting company should offer support through multiple channels ( e.g. online knowledge base, phone support, email support and live chat) so that problems can be resolved within a reasonable amount of time. Normally web host support responds in less than 24 hours.

Types of Web Hosting

There are different types of web hosting available out there such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting etc. You should select your hosting type according to your particular needs.
With shared hosting, a single dedicated server is shared with multiple users. Hosting companies use this formula to host hundreds of sites on a single server. Though shared hosting has some security risks, you get most of the features of a hosting server at a very affordable cost. Shared hosting is the most popular hosting solutions among new website owners.
On the other hand, when you choose dedicated hosting, you have an entire server at your disposal you get full administrative access and unlimited use of software and applications.
Then there are VPS and cloud hosting. VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting is like a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting where the physical server is divided into several virtual servers. Each client is then provided with their own virtual server.
Cloud hosting is a viable alternative that supercharges online hosting by utilizing multiple sources to offer less downtime and better performance. With cloud hosting, you only pay for the resources that you actually use and you never have to worry about disk space like with shared hosting.
Here I would recommend you to start with shared hosting and then upgrade as your website gets bigger and more popular.


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