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What Are Website Builders

A website builder is a piece of online website designing software that allows you to build websites without having to know programming languages (e.g HTML, CSS, PHP etc.) or content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc). You only need a web browser to build site. You can readily use the online tools that are provided by website builders such as drag and drop customization, social media integration, customized widget areas, ad spaces, color schemes and themes, ecommerce solutions etc.

Is It Worth It?

Website builder tools help you build simple websites quickly and efficiently. While conventional web development systems (CMS, web editors etc.) are more suited for large websites, DYI website builders are more conducive to brochure style websites – simple personal website, portfolio, blog etc. If you are new to web publishing world and your site contains mostly static contents, then you should consider trying a site builder to see how easy creating sites can be! However, if you want interactive/dynamic contents, customized interfaces, fully fledged ecommerce integration, you should definitely try to hire a professional web developer.


1. User-friendly interface: With the help of an online web builder, you can produce professional-looking website in very little time. Updating site, adding/deleting content, images or multimedia through a visual web interface is super easy. You can do all the basic editing jobs via drag and drop tool or user friendly web dashboard.

2. Budget friendly: – When you develop and maintain a website through a web builder, you actually get the job done at a reduced cost . So if you are on a budget , web builders are the cheaper option.

3. Programming knowledge not required– With a website builder, you don’t need technical or designing skills to start developing your own website. You can now launch a website with just a couple of clicks!

4. Customizable templates: Almost all of the modern web builders will provide you with plenty of unique designs/themes and high-quality website graphics that you can choose from. Many of them will also give you the option to customize the design/theme so you don’t have to worry about the customized look of your website.


There’s no doubt about the fact that making any changes to the website’s design or templates through a website editor is easier. However, there’s some obvious limitations. Web builders are good for creating blogs, portfolios, business advertisements. But if your website exist to make a profit or the business is your website, you need a more multifaceted website. That’s where CMS based or other dynamic web platforms come in. Building a CMS based site is somewhat similar to creating web builder based site. But, in reality, there’s a huge difference between these two options. CMS or PHP/ Python based platforms will give you access to advanced themes, plugins, and better data mangement, ecommerce and SEO facilities.


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