Easy Website Hosting: Basic Features

Easy Website Hosting: Basic Features

Choosing an easy website hosting provider may be as simple as just browsing through search engines using the keywords “website hosting service provider”. However, your problem begins when search results bring you over to several pages containing a hundred and one easy website hosting providers. Your choice will really depend on what you may actually need. You must determine what you need and list down the important elements that will support those needs.

First off is to consider the basics. Will you need a Windows or Linux server? Should a static website be enough? You may need a dynamic site for an online store which has the basic functions of e-commerce or internet marketing. Perhaps, it could take you a whole day just sorting through hundreds of sites offering easy website hosting services. It would be easier for you to find one, if you have a ready list of what to look for.

With tons of adverts, promos and sweet deals offered by most website hosting companies, you can easily get swayed into subscribing to the first available site. Take caution, as not all juicy deals are for real. Take some time to read website hosting reviews, while you’re browsing the Internet. Below is a list of key feature points to consider, when searching for a web hosting service provider.

Website Hosting Key Features

  • Bandwidth. Bandwidth determines the size of data being downloaded by a user from your online store.
  • Blog Support. If you plan to have a blog, look for an easy web hosting provider that offers integrated WordPress blog software which you can easily install on your own.
  • Domains. Almost all website hosting service providers offer a free domain which is sufficient enough to get you started in web hosting. Eventually, when your business moves up a notch up the ladder of success, you will need more domains to support your dynamic business. For now, just make sure to choose a web hosting provider that will allow you to have multiple domains in one package.
  • Ecommerce. If you are ready to go full blast and join the league of large website hosting industry, you will need this functional feature to set up the necessary ecommerce tools, such as, shopping carts, database builders and secure servers.
  • Emails, FTP accounts / Databases. This feature allows you to have your own domain based email address, database and ftp accounts which are all useful for your growing company.
  • Storage Space. If you plan to sell downloadable videos, stream live video feeds, or have a library containing a huge amount of high resolution images, you need to have maximum storage space for your site.
  • Technical Support. If you are up 24/7, tech support should also be up and about ready to take your calls, inquiries and requests for solutions to unpredictable problems.
  • Uptime. Uptime is basically defined and determined as your online business hours. This is a vital factor to consider when you plan to set up an online store. When a server is “down”, your online store is “closed”. When this happens, you can lose potential clients in just a fraction of a second because they are unable to view your site at that miserable time.

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