Find Web Hosts with Money Back Guarantee Hosting Plans

Find Web Hosts with Money Back Guarantee Hosting Plans

When you find web hosts offering a 30-day money back guarantee in their hosting plans, the first question that pops up is – is this for real? Well, the best way to find out is to read about proven tests from good website hosting reviews.

A 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is now becoming the official sales banner of almost all web hosting providers. During this 30 day period, new users can quit and be fully refunded of any payment made for the hosting plan. The guarantee often states that no questions shall be asked should users exercise their right to cancel any deal if they are not satisfied with the hosting services. The user still remains to be the lawful owner of the domain name until it expires.

If you are put on the spot and will experience dissatisfaction with a hosting plan, be aware that not all the fees paid will be refunded to you. Set up fees are non-refundable. So before you get swayed into subscribing into any hosting plan all sorts of promo hosting packages, review all terms and conditions thoroughly. This way, you will save a lot of time, effort and resources (failing to get the right host the first time means going through the whole process again!)

In all your web hosting transactions, make it a standard operating procedure to find web hosts and compare hosting plans over and over again until you are fully satisfied and convinced to finally decide to get the right hosting plan for your website hosting requirements. Read valuable website hosting reviews. Many of these reviews contain proven and tested advert claims; promo invites and discounted package offerings.

Analyze and Compare Web hosting Plan

Hosting Plan Sample Pricing:

  1. For 36 months plan, the original price is $6.95, now Just $3.95 per month – a 43% OFF.
  2. For 24 months plan, the original price is $6.95, now Just $3.95 per month – a 43% OFF;
  3. For 12 months plan, the original price is $7.95, now Just $5.95 per month – a 25% OFF;

When you find web hosts with regular hosting plan, they all provide similar Linux web hosting solutions, however, they are not always at the same price.1 is the cheapest one, followed by 2 and 3. New users can compare web hosting price and features before signing up. But, if you sign up by utilizing the web hosting coupons, the prices of the 3 web hosting providers will be the same.

If you sign up 36 months, 24 months, 12 months, or Linux web hosting plan, you are offered one free domain registration. The free domain will remain free forever as long as you are hosting with Web Host. If you sign up a web hosting plan over 12 months, you can also save the one time set up cost.

If you wish to sign up for a second domain name with Web Host, the cost will be US$10 per domain. Remember that domain registration is distinctly separate in billing from web hosting; you can register a new domain with some other cheaper domain listing and host it at Web Host. All you need to do is to change the domain name system (DNS) server and redirect it to the Web Host name servers.

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