From Free Business Web Hosting to Dedicated Server Hosting

From Free Business Web Hosting to Dedicated Server Hosting

Your online business hosted on a free business web hosting server may be gaining a lot of customer web traffic by now. Soon, you will need to operate a large scale business that will require more storage space for your resources. Your free business web hosting account may not meet your large scale hosting demands at this point in time. A switch from a free business web hosting provider to a dedicated server is in the offing.

A dedicated server hosting plan provides your own server, remotely but safely located in a controlled environment. Dedicated server website hosting guarantees excellent performance and superb reliability at all times. The most appealing feature of a dedicated server hosting plan is having user control. With a dedicated server, the knack for managing your own server and running your hosting in your favored fashion comes to fore.

When you are ready to make the switch from a free business web hosting provider to a dedicated server host, make sure to look for the best dedicated server hosting plan, as not all dedicated server providers offer complete control and unlimited access. Read website hosting reviews to learn more about reputable web hosts and the corresponding cost of every hosting plan they offer.

Key Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Dedicated Server Hardware and Operating System

You need to set the basic framework of your hosting needs before starting your search for a dedicated server hosting provider. What will be your hardware specs? Check for the RAM, CPU, bandwidth and disk space features as well as the operating system that you will be provided with. Be sure to get the freedom to control your operating system. Have it set up the way you want it to ensure that you have immediate access and direct control to manage your server on a daily basis. Most dedicated server hosts offer Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers.

  • Dedicated Server Simple Management With Control Panel

For ease of handling routine tasks, such as monitoring visitors, adding new FTP accounts or setting up mailboxes, you need to have an easy-to-use control panel. The control panel dedicated server hosting solution is one popular solution for the above mentioned tasks.  It is an application that can automate and simplify task operations in simple and complex server management.

Some dedicated server web hosting services include an advanced browser-based software that allows you to divide your server into smaller sections. These smaller divisions controlled by their own control panel provision. This is an ideal solution for reseller dedicated server hosting.

  • Control your dedicated server web hosting with full access

One key advantage in choosing a dedicated server web hosting service is that your hardware is for the exclusive use of your website. You reboot your server and alter settings without having to worry about affecting other web sites. Be aware that not all dedicated server hosting providers may give you full control over your hosting plan. So make sure to get a server who will provide you with full root access coupled with an administrator-level login. If you get anything less than this provision, start finding the next available dedicated server hosting provider.

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