The Give and Take of Free no Ad Web Hosting

The Give and Take of Free no Ad Web Hosting

If you enjoy surfing the Internet, chances are you have come along sites with all sorts of ads draped all across websites. Advertisements range from strange medicines that cure all ailments to deodorant sticks that last for hours. Perhaps you yourself have them on your own website. You are probably wondering why the ads appearing are sometimes connected to the content of your website.

So what is free no ad web hosting all about? What can it do for or against you when it is implemented into your site? All these questions are important points you should be aware of before deciding on putting up your own website. A lot of money could be made or lost depending upon the decision you make. Webhosts from all over are ready to provide hosting for you either way.

Show Me the Money!

The first thing you should be aware of in regards to free no ad web hosting is that not all hosts provide this option. A lot of website hosts depend on advertising to keep their services running. This is the primary reason they put up ads on your website. They even manage to put topic specific ads that are related to the content of your website.

If they were to offer free no ad web hosting, they could suffer some financial losses due to the lack of advertising that appears. This would make supporting a site with large traffic and heavy media very costly to run. That is why sites that have ads can offer you better data sizes and larger traffic bandwidth. They have the income to do so because of all the advertising that is shown and paid for.

Keeping it Clean

On the other hand, websites that offer free no ad web hosting, is becoming a much more popular option due to the customers wish for a cleaner and simple site. A lot of people find websites that are cluttered with ads, unsightly and not enjoyable to look at. Free no ad web hosting tend to be more popular with people who either have their own ads they want to use, or do not care for advertising on the web.

A major factor that affects free no ad web hosting however, is that these types of hosts cannot afford to give out bigger package deals and traffic limits. If you have a large audience that checks your site a lot, this could pose a problem for your visitors. Usually this is easily remedied with the purchase of a better subscription from your host.

All in all, you basically have a simple choice of quality over quantity. If you expect a lot of traffic then it would probably be best to choose web hosting that accommodate that need. If you plan on a smaller scale site, then hosts with free no ad web hosting could probably work out for you.

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