The Ideal Elements of Free Website With Hosting

The Ideal Elements of Free Website With Hosting

The world constantly revolves around the Internet. Products are being sold at the click of a button. How are all these transactions made possible? By websites that are hosted by businesses all around the world. The beautiful part of this is that the service is available to everybody and for free as well. But how do you know which of these web hosting can be used? Here is a list that will show you the ideal elements of free websites with hosting.

Be on the Look Out!

  • Disk space is the closet you will fit all your files into.
    The bigger the closet, the more files you may put on your website. If you have a business heavy on pictures, a big disk space is a priority. Not all free websites with hosting give a good amount of disk space, but if you are just starting out, more than two GB of space would be a good start for you.
  • Data transfer is the amount of data you are able to transport to all the visitors’ web browser.
    The quota of the data transfer is usually monitored monthly. A visitor may access your page and download 15 KB of text and 10 KB of pictures. Each person will download 25 KB worth of space. If 2,000 visitors access your page, then your total data transferred would be 50,000kbs (or 50mb). Remember, pictures are used more today than before. Many sites even go up to 1gig per month. The higher the data transfer, the more people can visit your website.
  • Domain name is the name of the website you can customize.
    Certain free websites with hosting will add an extra part to your site’s domain name. For example, you want to make your domain name “” The hosting website will make your name “” It is most common to see the extra part added due to the site being free. If you find a site that does not add extra parts, those are usually domain names and are paid for.
  • Advertising is the trade-off to the free websites.
    They will add their commercials to be able to make up for the money they are losing to give you their service. Not all sites abuse advertisements. If you inspect carefully the top free websites with hosting, there are a good number of them that minimize it to a level you can still be comfortable with.

All free websites with hosting have these elements. It is up to you to pick which will serve your needs most. Will you need more space than data transfers? Do you mind advertisement so much that you will settle for lower space? Try it out. Pick the elements most ideal for you and remember that you get what you pay for.

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