The Potential Dangers and Benefits of Hosting Video

The Potential Dangers and Benefits of Hosting Video

Web hosting providers allow many individuals and businesses to advertise and sell their goods with relatively limited interruptions. In large part, most providers offer unlimited bandwidth (which may just be an exaggeration in some instances) that allows websites to run smoothly and efficiently. Even if their bandwidth has some limitations, it’s likely that most standard websites won’t go over their allotted amount at any one time. Web hosts are also likely to be more reliable if you keep the bandwidth usage under a certain amount. If you want to try web video hosting on a standard provider, you’re site will likely be shut down within a few minutes after any extensive traffic showed up to your site. That’s because hosting video (particularly live streaming video) takes up a lot of bandwidth that can leave your web host scrambling to turn your site off. Of course, there are ways around this that can keep your site up and broadcasting as long as you need it.

Third-party Sites don’t Waste Bandwidth

Popular streaming websites like Ustream operate off of a different set of servers. Embedding a code for a Ustream video should not affect the actual bandwidth usage on your end. It will certainly use less bandwidth than trying to host the live stream on your own. Indeed, Ustream acts as a sort of proxy host for your live stream that doesn’t involve having to create a stream via your own website. All you would have to do is sign up for the service, get an embed code, and then start broadcasting. This is probably the best (and least labor intensive) way to get a live stream up and running on your website.

Some Providers are Primed for Hosting Videos

A brief search of “web video hosting” will reveal quite a few providers that welcome those who want to host videos. This can include live streaming content or videos like you would see on YouTube. Indeed, with these hosts you could feasibly maintain a large cache of videos that can be displayed to any visitors who want to see what you have to offer. Of course, you might wonder why you’ve seen videos on websites that clearly weren’t hosted by a provider geared toward web video hosting. This is largely because a YouTube or Vimeo video here and there is not going to eat up any valuable bandwidth or disk space. But, if you run a site in which videos are the main component, then you definitely run the risk of going over bandwidth limitations. Hosts that are video-friendly generally have the capacity to run a website that features a database full of videos.

In most cases, though, hosting video on your website isn’t going to cause a lot of trouble. If you just want a small collection of videos embedded from YouTube or another video provider, then you likely won’t have any trouble staying within the bandwidth limits. There are even web page templates that feature slots for integrated video. Hosting video can definitely be a good way to increase the effectiveness of your website.

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