Web Hosting for Free: Fact or Fiction?

Web Hosting for Free: Fact or Fiction?

In this day and age, websites have almost become a necessity. Everyone from mega-corporations to struggling musicians has a website in some capacity. It is one of the best ways to market your products or yourself without having to set up huge amounts of legal and physical framework to do so. That’s largely because your audience is almost literally anyone who has internet access. But sometimes, getting your website on the internet is a bit more expensive than you might like. Of course, mega-corporation will have no trouble procuring their own digital space, but a struggling musician could find the cost of a website to be far too high. If you want to get your website domain hosting free, then there are some options at your disposal. While it’s always true that you should read web hosting reviews, it’s certainly more appropriate when you’re looking for free services. This is largely because you might not be sure what you’re getting with free web hosting.

The Difference between Free and “Freemium”

Free web hosting is something that is always going to turn a few heads. The concept behind it is so enticing because it means that anyone could get online without ever having to pull out their credit card. Very few web hosts stick to the idea of a totally free provider. One of those providers is Google Sites. Although they do have upgradeable options, the service does not wholly rely on that income. That’s because, of course, Google Sites is run by Google, which is generally not strapped for cash under most circumstances. What you’re most likely going to find, however, is that “free” web hosts can sometimes come with a price tag. These “freemium” web providers are geared toward getting you to sign up with their service and then bombarding you with ads so that you upgrade to their special package.

In general, these providers tend to be good at doling out website domain hosting free of charge. But, their basic services certainly leave a bit to be desired. That’s why they can potentially convince you to buy their newer, more functional online items so that they receive money and you get a better product. Of course, if the whole idea was to get a free website, then it might be against your wishes to opt for any of these upgrade packages.

Working within the Constraints of a Tight Budget

Still, a free website is better than no website. Even if you don’t have the money to upgrade your services with a particular provider, you can still maintain a web presence on their servers. You’ll also find that websites like Squidoo and Wix are primed to give you extra exposure. That means that you can feasibly have an account with several different free web hosts as a way to increase the profile of your business. Many individuals will have seen growth just by spreading around their content by using what are called “backlinks.” This is one of the best marketing strategies that also still lets you get your website domain hosting free.

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