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Updated Sun, Mar 24,2019

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What is web hosting?

If your goal is to succeed online it is crucial that you find a website hosting service. Web hosting is the technical service that connects your website to its viewers by providing storage for your data and serving your files. Through maintaining a complex network of servers, the web hosting provider can maintain constant connection to the internet, ensuring that your website is online and running 24/7.

Different types of web hosting

Depending on the type of website you wish to have; blogging, e-commerce or hobby, there are various types of web hosting available. There are three main types of hosting: free hosting shared hosting dedicated hosting

There are various plans on offer from a huge range of web hosting companies and most of them include necessary hosting features, such as bandwidth and disk space, as well as customer support and marketing bonuses. Most web hosting providers will charge you a monthly fee for your hosting plan but it is worth it when you consider the expensive network of servers needed to host a website.

How do I compare web hosting plans?

The task of finding the right web hosting provider can be overwhelming. There are so many web hosting companies to choose from and each of them offer varying price structures and features. Our chart of the top ten web hosting companies allows you to find the right web hosting solution through comparing different hosting aspects: price, reliability, disk space, bandwidth, customer support and technology. It is essential that you evaluate these aspects when choosing a website hosting service.


Value for money is an important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. Prices will vary according to the company and the type of packages it offers. Often, web hosting companies will charge a monthly fee for each account and it is your role to determine whether this fee matches your needs and the quality of the service. Generally, the more expensive packages will contain extra features and resources more suited to larger businesses and e-commerce sites. If you are a small business and do not require high powered web hosting solutions, it is recommended that you opt for a cheaper web hosting package. This way you will not be paying for features that you do not need.


Most well known web host providers promise the industry standard uptime of 99.9%. You should expect no less than this when subscribing to a hosting plan. It is also useful to research the track record of the company itself. If the provider manages a large amount of websites, this means that many people trust it, which is a good sign.

An important aspect of reliable web hosting is security. Check if the web hosting provider has its own data centres and particularly if the servers are monitored full time. There needs to be a guarantee of backup power and a large degree of security measures in place, such as firewalls. Most reputable web hosting companies promise to deliver the most reliable security options so it is recommended you sign with them to ensure your data is protected all the time.

Disk Space

Many of today’s top web hosting providers offer unlimited disk space to entice potential new customers. While this sounds appealing, in most cases it is not necessary. The average website will use less than 1GB of disk space. Be careful that you do not end up paying for space you will never use.


The term ‘Bandwidth’ refers to the data transferred from your website to the visitor comprising of graphic details, images, banners and files for download. You should familiarise yourself with content before you determine the amount of bandwidth you will need.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of web hosting. You should expect 24/7, round the clock technical support just in case you encounter problems with your website. Most reliable web hosting providers offer various types of support, from toll free phone numbers to live chat and email. Any web hosting package you choose should include these three standard types of support.


Most people who wish to create a website are not technical masters, so it is necessary that you familiarise yourself with the technological terms involved in creating and managing your website. Our reviews contain basic information on the technological aspects of each hosting plan, but don’t be afraid to ask your web host provider questions if you do not understand something. The type of hosting technology used can significantly affect your website’s performance.