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Updated Sun, Mar 24,2019

Top Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting is the latest craze in web hosting and it is easy to see why – web hosting that provides you with all the space, speed and features you need while doing its part to save the planet. It does not get much better than that! By signing up to a green web hosting provider you can feel good about helping the environment and you can also benefit from the range of fantastic hosting features offered to you. Below is a list of the top green web hosting providers, ranked according to editorial and user reviews. Be environmentally conscious and choose the green hosting package that is best for you.

The importance of green website hosting

When searching for the right web hosting service, we look for the best hosting features at the best price. Nowadays, there is more to consider when choosing your web hosting provider. Consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly aware that they need to support and utilize environmentally friendly products. Web hosting providers, with all their high-end redundant data centres, use an incredible amount of power and energy. That is why, bit by bit, they are beginning to rely on more environmentally friendly ways of providing hosting services.

How can web hosting be green?

A lot of companies claim to offer green server hosting but some use the word ‘green’ as a fancy term in the industry, rather than an actual planet saving solution. If you prefer to use a hosting service that is truly kinder to the environment, then it is necessary to know a little bit about green website hosting and how it works.

There are many ways a web hosting provider can offer green hosting.

Firstly, by offsetting carbon emissions that data centres release into the environment the hosting company can decrease the negative environmental effects of these centres.
There are various ways to offset carbon emissions. Many companies purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). hese credits represent renewable energy sources that have been purchased from an electrical company. Although the host may not be directly utilizing the renewable energy, their efforts play a large role in reducing emissions and also greatly reduce their dependence on non-renewable power. Companies can also take proactive measures to reduce energy consumption in daily business operations. It has of course become a common practice to power offices through solar power and to enforce recycling policies and car pooling to work.

Probably the most standout feature of some green web hosting companies is that they can generate their own renewable energy and use more efficient server hardware, demonstrating that green hosting can be just as effective and reliable.

Another form of green website hosting is giving back to the environment. Many companies promote green hosting solutions by planting a tree for every package sold, giving the earth more natural resources to survive and prosper. Choosing the right type of green server hosting

We all want to jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon, but choosing a web hosting provider simply because it promotes green website hosting is not always the right thing to do.
Of course it is recommended and highly encouraged to be kind to the environment in every business decision you make, however there are some things to consider when going green with web hosting. The most important thing is to find out exactly what measures the company takes to be green. While some companies claim to green, a closer look may reveal that they do not implement actual policies to save the environment at all. Make sure that the green hosting provider you choose lives up to its claims. Of course you also need to take pricing and hosting features into consideration too.