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Updated Fri, May 10,2019

Top Windows Web Hosting Providers

If you are searching for the best Windows web hosting provider then look no further! We have compiled a list of the best Windows web hosting plans on the market. If you are familiar with the well known Windows operating system, then Windows hosting is for you! It is popular, easy to use and with our reviews below, you will be able to choose the Windows web hosting package that suits you.
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Best Customer Support
$2.99Free Domain
Diskspace: 150GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
Host Unlimited Web sites with Unlimited Email Forwards and FREE! Google Webmaster Tools.73% > Read Review
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Reliable Windows Hosting
$8.95Free Domain
Diskspace: 60GB
Bandwidth: 600GB
Easy-to-use site builder. Google Services for Websites integrated into the ProLogic Plan.68% > Read Review
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Microsoft Hosting
$4.99Free Domain
Diskspace: 150GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
Superior Website Security, Domain with Private Registration Included, Multi Data Center Storage66%Visit Site
Trusted Web Hosting
$9.95Free Domain
Diskspace: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 50 GB
User-Friendly Technology, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts, Free Design Consulting64% > Read Review
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Linux Web Hosting
$8.50Free Domain
Diskspace: 20GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
Since 1996, Superb is ahead of the rest in technology. Great flexible plans - you can upgrade us you grow.63% > Read Review
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Reliable Web Hosting
$9.95Free Domain
Diskspace: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
24/7 chat, phone and online support, 24/7 Network Monitoring, MySQL Databases60% > Read Review
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The world of Windows web hosting

Windows web hosting was created as a one stop shop for internet service providers and application developers.

Windows hosting is based on Microsoft technology and runs on the Windows server operating system. For people who prefer the compatibility of Microsoft products, windows server hosting can be a fantastic solution. Many web hosting providers are offering windows web hosting packages, but before you search for the cheapest windows hosting, consider the features of this kind of hosting in order to determine if it is the right type of hosting for you.

Advantages of Windows server hosting

Windows web hosting is considered to be a stable web hosting solution. As it is associated with the well recognised Microsoft name, Windows hosting only provides products and services that meet the highest standards possible.

Windows web hosting allows you to build applications with .NET technology which gives them great scalability and makes them easy to maintain. The programming language of ASP and .NET is simple and easy to understand which means you do not need a great deal of expertise to set up and manage your website. Many web hosting companies will also allow you to run PHP scripting language on a Windows server.

Of course, Windows server hosting is compatible with popular Windows programs such as Microsoft SQL Server database manager. It works with Microsoft Front Page, a program that allows you to create a website without having any knowledge of HTML.

Dedicated Windows Hosting – one step higher !

Many programs and scripts are dependent on Windows initialization files, most of which are only available through a high quality dedicated Windows hosting package. Of course, this type of Windows web hosting is more costly, but the server is more reliable and you will have greater control. Many web hosting providers offer dedicated windows hosting so it is worthwhile to evaluate the different plan types and functions provided by each company.

Is Windows Web Hosting right for me?

If you prefer point and click simplicity when it comes to building your website, then Windows server hosting is a great option. Just because you use a Windows operating system however, you do not have to use windows web hosting. Cases where Windows hosting is necessary include if you use Ms SQL databases or .NET scripts to compose your website. If you use PHP scripts and MySQL databases, you will probably opt for a Linux host instead, but the rules are not as cut and dried when it comes to Linux vs Windows. Read on….

The great debate – Windows vs Linux hosting

As you conduct your research on Windows web hosting you will find two different schools of thought when it comes to the best operating system – Windows or Linux. It is a great misconception that one system is better than the other. In fact, they are both equally as good. As long as the server is managed carefully and the web developer is familiar with one of the two systems, you can benefit just as much from Windows as you can from Linux and vice versa. It is simply a matter of determining which operational system you and your staff are more comfortable with.

All in all, Windows hosting is a great choice for those who like simple user interfaces or are inexperienced administrators. Once you have decided that Windows is your chosen operational platform, use our list of the top Windows hosting plans to find the best Windows hosting deal.