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Updated Mon, May 13,2019

10 Best Website Builders – Design Your Site

DIY: Fabulous Website Design Made Fun and Easy

We know…you already have questions about how to build and design your own website, and we’ll get to that and how to get the “technical stuff” out of the way, so that you’re ready to CREATE. We also show you, below, our reviews of the 10 Best Web Hosting—useful information, including free website builders, to help you decide which of them you want to contact.

Creatively Technical

You noticed the design of a website with a beautiful undulating wave at the top that just made you feel wonderful and found out who the designer was and put the name on a contact list you were starting to develop. Then you saw another site that had “sliders” coming and going across the page. Liked that too. Put another name on the list. You visited all sorts of sites, got plenty of names, ideas and just kept adding to your list.

Website designers, that do it every day, have a storehouse of knowledge that allows them to apply a multitude of ingenious bells and whistles to a website. They also have a good grounding in design that makes the site well coordinated with what the owner wants to convey. Coding is behind it all and that’s what makes their work so valuable. Well worth the price and you may have gone to several professional website designers—only to find that your current budget isn’t ready for that expense.

Website Wizardry — Making a Plan

Now that you’ve decided that you can better afford to build and design your own website, you might want to learn about the elements that make a “good” website, and how you can do a quick study to pick up on the essentials, with Fabulous eventually leading the parade.

    1.  It’s a good idea to start with a simple content plan that has a theme.
    2.  Keeping it simple also means selecting one font and using different sizes, along with bold, italics and color (select a color font scheme—perhaps based on the “header” at the top of each page—so that you have consistency across your site), using these devices judiciously for emphasis and/or fun. Reserve underlining for links.
    3.  Well-placed photos or graphics can relieve the page of a “wall of text” that makes it a chore to get through.
    4.  It is critical that you design your Home Page with a modicum of text; you only want to let visitors know they’ve come to the right site. Tell them what the site does and stop there. Putting a large graphic or photo that relates to or demonstrates what the site is about is even better, with a few words of explanation.
    5.  If your site keeps growing and expanding, learn how to use drop-downs instead of a horde of menu selections, all in view at once, on the Home Page.

FABULOUS your site

We’ve only given you a few elements for designing a good web site. Another solution can ensure your design will turn out looking beautifully professional. Now let’s get to FABULOUS. It’s called “web hosting.”

It’s easiest to think of it as renting space in an apartment building—except it’s space that has been claimed on the net by a “host” company—who, for a rental fee, will provide you with all the necessary elements (utilities, if you will) when you move in and arrange the furniture to suit your needs and tastes. Nice thing about it, as opposed to apartments, you can use the colors you like and change them at will. It’s yours to do with as you wish. Technical stuff? They take care of that for you!

The “utilities” we mentioned include a battery of options, similar to those in MS Word menus, user friendly so that you’ll feel familiar with them. There are also tutorials to help you become acquainted with all the features that the host offers, including all those bells and whistles, usually called “widgets,” that kick in with the WOW factor you’ll want to use to distinguish and provide visitor interaction with your site. They also offer additional software that you may have already used and now there’s no end to what you can accomplish.

Pick and Choose

There are a number of web hosts available and we want to give you the benefit of knowing which hosting companies we think will serve your needs and bring the most satisfying results to your creative efforts.  We think it’s important that you know who are the most affordable (we also include free web builders), competent and can give you your best professional presence on the web.
Enjoy creating your new website!

RankProviderorg priceBonus FeaturesSite Builders rating - free builders
Best Website Builder
$8.95FREE Domain Name ,
SEO Tools Included FREE ,
Easy eCommerce Integration
Over 10,000 Template Combinations
SiteBuilder.com Expert Builder99%
Drag & Drop Site Builder
$5.50FREE Domain Name ,
Choice of Shopping Cart ,
Free Online Store
Over 10,000 Template Combinations
Free Drag & Drop Site Builder95%
Best Business Web Hosting
$8.49Anytime Money Back Guarantee,
Host Unlimited Domains,
$50 Google Adwords credit
$25 Yahoo! Sponsored search credit
Weebly Drag & Drop95%
Reliable Web Hosting
$6.95Anytime Money Back Guarantee,
$75 Free Google Credit,
Free Blog Support
Wide Selection of Site Builders96%
Trusted Web Hosting
$9.95Automatic site submission to Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and Ask, $75 Microsoft Advertising adCenter credit, $50 Google AdWords creditAabaco (Yahoo!) Site Builder91%
Best Unlimited Web Hosting
$8.25$50 Google AdWords Credit, $25 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits, $50 Facebook Ad Credits, Free Yellowpages.com ListingWeebly Drag & Drop91%
Free Domain With Hosting
$6.99Free backup Wizard, 90 days Money Back.Hub Premium Website Builder87%
Professional Web Hosting
$6.95$50 Google AdWords Credit, $25 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits, $50 Facebook Ad Credits, $95 on other platformsWide Selection of Site Builders84%
Reliable Web Hosting
$6.95Green Web Hosting, Max Speed Zone Enabled, 30 days Money Back.Parallels Premium SiteBuilder81%
Cheap Shared Web Hosting
$7.95$50 Google AdWords Credit, Search Engine SubmissionWeebly Drag & Drop78%

Online service and Customer support

No matter what type of site builder you choose, it is always handy to know that you can have access to online or telephone customer support. Whether you are an internet rookie or consider yourself to be a website building expert, we are all human, and we all run into glitches and issues from time to time. This is why it is highly recommended to choose a hosting package that contains reliable customer support. This way if you do encounter problems while building your site, you will have a trained customer service representative on hand to guide you through the process.

Webmaster’s Monthly Choice

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