What is a Windows Web Host?

What is a Windows Web Host?

Web hosting is certainly a tough business for anyone involved. It can be even more difficult for the consumer who generally must try to navigate through some confusing terminology to try to get a better picture of what they need. One confusing concept is the difference between a Linux web host and a Windows web host. For all intents and purposes, Linux-powered servers are the norm and are more frequently used than any other server. This is largely because they are open source and easier to configure than a Windows-powered server. Still, some individuals may need web hosting by Windows in order for their site to work properly. While most individuals will probably be fine with a standard Linux web host, it can be frustrating if you don’t have all the right tools that web hosting with Windows will give you. Indeed, any Microsoft-specific applications or tools will only be compatible with a Windows web host. It’s important to know the distinction before embarking on your journey.

Windows is Highly Specific

One of the most important delineating factors in the debate between Linux and Windows is just how different Windows can tend to be. Of course, they both feature a lot of the same functions and a lot of the differences can seem superficial. They can both host a wide variety of different websites and a lot of their front page operation and file types are the same. But there must be a reason for the difference, otherwise the more popular Linux mainframe would win out in the end. The distinction comes with the coding language involved in Windows servers. Sometimes, individuals need require certain options for their web hosting capabilities to be optimized. Windows servers use ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and many other Microsoft-specific coding languages and tools. These tools would generally not work in Linux-based servers, which could be cause for some frustration. Any individuals who need to use these Microsoft-based tools will need to go with a Windows web host.

What if I just want to Create a Website?

If you don’t need any specific Microsoft tools and you have done the research in that regard, then you will probably be fine with a Linux server. Linux servers are the most common type of web hosts and they will certainly provide certain common features if you’re used to them. Linux will always use familiar features like cPanel or WHM, so if you’ve ever dealt with web hosting in any capacity, you’ve probably had experience with Linux. A Windows web host is generally more geared to high-end functions anyway. They are optimized for usage in a dedicated server to provide more functionality and more bandwidth allowance. You might find Windows servers being used for multiplayer online gaming or other intensive activities. If you’re just making a website for your business or personal matters, you likely won’t need that kind of capability. Even if you run Windows on your PC, a Linux-based server will work just fine. Of course, high-end users will likely need to give Windows a second look before they decide.

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