How to Start a Blog

The blogging world. What is all the fuss?

Blogs are a collection of posts that were once designed for personal entries. However blog sites have expanded to become platforms for CMS systems and website frameworks. This is because blogs contain flexible and exciting applications that can be used for all kinds of functions and requirements.

Blog hosting. Which type is right for you?

There is web hosting and then there is blog hosting. This is hosting that is specifically designed for blog users, providing them with the features they need to maintain an appealing and interesting blog. These features include multimedia files, video and images which can all be used on the web host’s servers. Because most websites use some kind of blogging platform, most website owners opt for the service of blog hosting, simply because it is an extra service that provides so much more in terms of hosting.

There are two types of blog hosting ; Self hosting and remote hosting. Remote hosting means that the contents of your blog will remain under the control of the blogging platform. Popular platforms including and are extremely popular among bloggers today and to choose them for remote hosting is a good idea if you own a blog for personal purposes. Remote hosting can be great for personal blogs as it takes care of all the design and maintenance hassles.

There are however a few problems with remote hosting if you are using a blogging platform for professional purposes. Because your content is controlled by these free sites, there could be problems beyond your control. For example, if the site decides to shut down, your blog and all of its content will be lost forever. Furthermore, if you want your blog to appear professional, it is not recommended that you have an address ending with the words ‘’ or ‘’. It will appear unattractive to future investors and it is best that you spend some extra money on a self hosted site which will look more credible.

The advantages of self hosting far outweigh remote blog hosting. You have the option of totally controlling the look and operation of your blog without the limitations imposed by free blogging platforms. If you choose blog hosting with a well known web hosting company, they will be able to offer you endless benefits for your blog such as SEO and extra traffic benefits. Many hosting companies also offer multiple blogging platforms as part of their hosting packages. This is useful if you want different themes to support your particular blogging needs.

How to find the best hosting for your blog

If you want to get your blog up and running in no time, it is recommended to browse through some of the best web hosting companies and see what they have to offer in terms of blog hosting features. If you are new to the world of blog hosting, you should opt for a company that offers easy 1-click blog installations. All you need to do is choose your domain name and your hosting company will take care of the rest, providing you with a professional looking blog on some of the best blogging platforms.

Below is a list of the best blog hosting providers in the industry:

Here are the best blog hosting providers: