Rating Web Hosting Companies

Rating Web Hosting Companies

There are many web hosting providers and a lot of web hosting previews out there, but which are the ones that are the best, which are the ones which you deserve. There are different attributes to which one can rely when trying to rate web hosting companies. The base attributes are bandwidth, allowed disk space, different fees, customer service, up time, sites supported and a lot more. But the thing that separates the men from the boys is the little special things that they do for their customers. Some companies threat their customers, even the ones with a basic account, like kings and queens; you should be striving for such companies.

Don’t underestimate:

Even if it’s not the top used companies, some none mainstream services take great care and will sometimes go out of their way to make sure you are serviced the right way. Apart from customer service you should be looking into the location of their host. No matter how good they are or how many people are using their services, if the provider is in another country, or ever worse, another continent, all that wont matter, all that will is the fact that you will have awful website speed. The sites that I am about list are usually based in the U.S but they might have some support in Europe or other continents. Keep that in mind when reading further down.

Some other things:

Make sure that they have a site builder and a tutorial which will help you along the way, in case you have no experience when it comes to site building. If you have decided to be an adventurer and venture into the world of site programming, don’t worry, it isn’t as bad and complex as it sounds. Most basic site setups don’t really require that much knowledge, only what you want the content to be. Most 1-2-3 page sites can be set up by a few clicks here and there and you should be all fine and dandy. Some services support live help chat that will walk you trough different stages of the set up and can even help you choose a suitable domain name. But enough with the chatter, here is the list of the top web hosting providers out there, rate web hosting companies fairly.

  • iPage
  • Yahoo
  • Fatcow
  • JustHost

It is safe to say that these are the top contenders. iPagehas the highest rating. It has multiple unlimited set ups like hard drive space, web sites and bandwidth. You can get your money back at any time, no 30 day money back policies. If you ever feel like you didn’t get what you were paying for you can get your money back.

Ultimately all of the above have great attributes and you should be the one deciding if they are suited for you and if they will leave a bad taste later on. Again, keep in mind if the companies have support in your area of residence and if not how far are they.

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